Monday, 28 January 2013

Updated: everyday eyes!

Good day to all!

I want to share my updated eye makeup rutine. It is based on Essence cream eyeshadow in a shade "09 For Fairies". I've seen girls wear similar shades in summer (I think Chanel's "Emerveille" looks similar). Since it has golden shimmer in it, it looks beautiful once your eyes "catch the sunlight". Although it is a cold and snowy winter out here, it is still suitable for an everyday look. It is simple and fast which makes it perfect in morning getting ready for school, university, work, etc. 

One more thing: Essence claim that these are long lasting eyeshadows and shouldn't "move" or crease during the day. I have tried a few of their shades (next post is coming up) and for me, it depends on a shade. This pink one stays pretty well on, but I feel that people with oily eyelids should use a primer or set it with eyeshadow on top. Also, the pigmentation depends on the amount of the product: the more you use, the more pigmented it will be.
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  1. Lovely look! Pretty and natural.

    Kimberley x


  2. Hey Kimberley!
    Those were exactly my intentions! I am glad you like it :)