Friday, 30 November 2012

TIPS: close set eyes!


As I was doing my makeup today (which I decided to do very simply) it occurred to me that this eyelook actually suits me pretty well, especially because I think my eyes are a bit too closely set, and what I did made them look more further away from eacher, hence my face looks more proportional.

SO I decided to share my tips for close set eyes!

What's to be done is to elongate the eyes, cheating, to be exact!

Tip Nr. 1 - Eyeliner :  I don't want to draw attention to the inner corners to my eyes but want to excentuate the length of the eyelid. So when lining your upper eyelid, start at least  at a third inner part away, I start at about the middle  and the further the thicker the line should be , but not too thick. Wing it out a little bit, and your eyes already should look wider set apart!

Tip Nr. 2 - Mascara :  When applying mascara to the lashes, brush them to the outer side of the eye accenting the outer part!

Tip Nr. 3 - Highlight : If you are highlighting the inner tear duct, avoid the most inner part of the eye. I like to highlight first third of the inner part of lower lashline. This will help to drag the attention away from most inner parts.

So these are my 3 tips for widening the space between eyes. They really do come handy for me, hope it will help someone too!


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